Just like their hometown, Melbourne Australia, Starward whiskies are versatile and a little different. Crafted from local ingredients, matured in barrels from the famed Australian wine industry in their backyard, Starward harness the infamous Melbourne weather to make the epitome of a distinctly Australian spirit.

It all begins with malted barley, the main ingredient in Starward whisky, with the majority of the barley grown in Victoria and South Australia – the same place from where the wine barrels are sourced. The malted barley is prepared for brewing craft beers which provides an opportunity to drive flavour and distinctive cereal notes just like a brewer does with beer.

The stills used have been adapted to create a light and fruity spirit that is more like an eau de vie than a heavy Scotch new make spirit. A huge amount of flavour and all the colour in Starward comes from the red wine barrels. Starward typically use shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir barrels that have spent 4 to 7 years at some of Australia’s best wineries. Melbourne’s highly reactive climate is Starward’s secret weapon in maturation.

Coming from Australia, they’re not bound by the rules of the Old-World whisky club. They champion a new way of thinking, crafting and experiencing. Of course, they’re still whisky but it is whisky done differently.

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