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ABV: 33&

Established in 1850, this family-run company knows a thing or two about distillation, spending over a century producing eaux-de-vie.

But in the mid-1970s, a financially necessary diversification saw a change in focus, from Cognac production to that of fruit liqueurs. Under the guidance of fifth-generation distiller Gilles Merlet, the company replaced some of the family’s vines with blackcurrant bushes destined for crème de cassis liqueur. Its incredible success led to a full range of world-renowned liqueurs that has been traded under the Merlet brand ever since.

A good liqueur is a concentrate of aromas and flavours. For the best result, the Merlet family uses a large quantity of fruit in order to saturate the liqueur as much as possible. The processes vary according to the fruit, and can be grouped into three categories:


This process remains the basic method of fruit processing by the Merlet family. The fruits macerate in superfine alcohol for two weeks (for fragile fruits) to three months (for those with stones). When the extraction of flavors is deemed optimal, filtration is carried out to obtain an alcoholic infusion.


To capture the essence of certain fruits, distillation is an excellent ally. This is particularly the case with the orange and lemon zest of the Trois Citrus or the pear.


Sometimes, it is the pure juice that will provide the most necessary for the liqueur to find its balance. This is particularly the case for the Soeurs Cerises cherry liqueur.

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