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ABV: 40%


Skipper Rum is a small, independently-owned brand that has been existence since 1930. Skipper's origins lie in a long tradition connecting the British Navy, Scotland and Demerara rum. Much of the original distilling expertise came from Scotland and indeed the whisky barrels, which came from Bourbon initially, were used for maturing Scotch and then sent to Guyana for rum.

Arguably the king of dark rums are the Demerara Rums, they originate from Guyana and take their name from the Demerara river. What makes them unique is a three hundred year old distilling history, with some rum still made in historic wooden stills dating from the 18th and 19th century. They are fully aged in ex whisky barrels. 


Skipper Rum is proud that it has always been a Demerara Rum and today sources it’s rum from from the famous Diamond distillery. 

Skipper Rum is made from locally sourced sugar cane molasses, following the traditional methods of distilling and maturing of the Diamond distillery and is matured for three to four years in old whisky casks.


A very intense, bittersweet and aromatic profile, overlaid with notes of burnt fruit cake, raisins, vanilla and coffee that cuts through sweeter flavours with its long, slightly bitter finish.


Pour 50ml Skipper Rum over ice, top with ginger beer & a squeeze of fresh lime

Pour 50ml Skipper Rum over ice, top with coconut water

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